Afraid of Deep Tissue Massage? Fear not!

Deep Tissue should not leave you bruised or battered…

By:  JoAnne Guhman, LMT

The definition of massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques to promote relaxation and well-being. Deep tissue massage is a more focused type of massage which deals with the deeper tissue structures of the muscle, also known as the connective tissue. It is extremely effective in releasing, elongating, and smoothing chronically tight muscles without pain. The sensation might feel more intense, especially on muscles that have lacked circulation for long periods of time, such as between the shoulder blades. However, with the therapist’s guidance in breathing, it will pass quickly. The results are increased mobility, circulation, and a positive effect on the central nervous system.

If you have experienced a really painful Deep Tissue Massage session, chances are it was done improperly. A good analogy is this:

If you are riding in a boat, flying over the waves… bam, bam, bam… you are hitting the crests. This is what incorrect deep tissue might feel like on your muscles. On the other hand, if you slow down, you glide through peak and gully. So, deep tissue allows the fibers to open up while smoothing the tissue, rather than pushing the tissue which may irritate it and leave you feeling bruised.

If you do feel sore, it might not be from the massage itself. It could be from the movement of waste products which were trapped in the tissue, also known as “knots.” So, it is very important to drink lots of water a couple of days before and after the massage.

Deep tissue can be helpful for:

  • Headaches
  • Poor Posture
  • Chronic Pain
  • Injury Care
  • Pre or Post Surgery
  • Carpal-tunnel
  • TMJ
  • And most of all… for you to feel deeply relaxed!

About the author:

JoAnne Guhman

License: Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner

Studied: International Professional School of Bodywork, San Diego

Specialty: Deep Tissue, Sports, and Injury Care

My approach to body work is aggressive, yet gentle. I have over 1500 hours of training, with 500 of those being an internship in medical type massage. When the body is deeply relaxed, the mind is more focused and at peace. I love helping people and have been practicing for over 22 years.

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