After Massage Care

Although having a massageis very relaxing, it is also a workout for your body and so here are a few things we suggest to reduce any soreness you may experience and gain optimal benefit from your session.

    • Drink 1-2  gallons of distilled water over the next few days.
    • Plan to take time to relax after your treatment session.
    • Have peace of mind that you are doing good things for your body.
    • Take a warm bath with mineral salts just before bed.

The purpose of the mineral bath is to draw out the toxins that have been loosened during your massage.  Please exercise caution when entering the bath area as there may be oil residue from the massage on your feet.  For added relaxation, enjoy soothing music, candlelight or herb tea.

Post-Massage Bath Recipe:

  • 1 oz Mineral Salts or 10 oz of Epsom  Salts
  • Water Temperature:  Warm
  • Soak for 10-30 minutes


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