Meditation Circle

Every Wednesday and Thursday

6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Join Claire Flanagan, Reiki Master and Tarot Guidance reader, for weekly guided meditation classes. Claire uses her experience as an energy therapist to teach meditation to even the busiest minds. Each month is devoted to a specific personal development theme. Claire writes unique scripts weekly that allow for deep, mindful connection to our innermost selves. Wednesdays and Thursdays follow the same script for the weekly topic. Join us either evening or both!

Cost: $10 per person

Sign up: Online or call us at 314.968.1808

Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in the space.

About the Teacher:

Claire Flanagan is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Tarot Reader. After many years of experiencing intense, daily intuitive flashes and empathic realizations, Claire met an energy therapist that changed her life forever. Claire began working for the Reiki Master and acupuncturist, Tamar Davir, as a nanny in 2011 in New York City. Tamar showed Claire that her intuition could help resolve unhelpful energy in herself and in the lives of those she encountered.
Claire sought training as a certified ThetaHealing specialist, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Tarot reader. She completed her training in Saint Louis, MO in October 2017 at Harmony Healthcare under Marilyn Egan.
Claire uses her training to create guided meditation scripts allow clients to experience self-realization and to experience self-resolution of unhelpful, damaging beliefs and energy pathways.  Each month focuses on a different self-empowerment topic. Each week dives deep into fast, gentle self-resolution. Join us every Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30pm to experience silence in even the busiest minds.
Claire also provides Tarot readings and Reiki therapy sessions at Vitality Unlimited Spa four days per week.

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