Beat the Cold with a Luxurious Stone Massage

Tired of winter? Feeling the cold of the season down to your bones? Try a Luxurious Stone Massage. This technique utilizes the ancient and now scientifically proven healing technique of thermotherapy (the use of hot and cold in therapy) with a current approach to assist the body in self-healing and to induce deep relaxation. This unique bodywork treatment uses a collection of 60 heated, smooth-surfaced basalt stones, along with 20 cooled, hand-cut, polished, white marble stones.

The session combines thermotherapy, hands on Swedish massage, and energy balancing. The heated, oiled stones are placed on specific stationary positions on the body and are also held in the palm of the therapist while massaging. You feel warm, soothing, deep penetration into your tissues and aching muscles. Various levels of pressure and heat can be utilized to meet your specific needs. Heated stones are used during the majority of the massage. The refreshing chilled marble stones are used part of the time to complete the thermotherapy and impart powerful relief in areas of tissue tenderness, stiffness, and muscle aches.

The results can be dramatic. One man with chronic back pain commented the day after his first session that he was the most pain-free he had been in ten years.

Most people who are new to the service are curious about how the session proceeds. Initially, you will have a discussion with your therapist about which areas of your body need special attention. The session begins while you are lying on your back on a heated table and under a sheet. Your therapist will begin administering a series of stretches to relax your joints. Then, after helping you to a seated position, your therapist will place a layout of heated (or a combination of heated and cooled stones) on the table in a position that will line both sides of your spine when you lie back down. A soft towel is placed on top of the stones so they will not be directly on your skin. Stones are then placed up the middle of your stomach and chest, as well as under both hands and your neck. A final small stone is placed between your eyes. The therapist then begins massaging each part of your body, one at a time. As the session ends, the therapist will remove any remaining stones resting on your body. You will turn over and the therapist will complete the therapy massaging your legs and back with the heated stones. It will leave you feeling warm inside and out; ready to deal with winter again.

Have more questions about the service? Feel free to contact us! Your therapist will also consult with you before your scheduled service about your individual needs.

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About the Author:

Chris Levison

License: Massage Therapist
Studied: Kaleidoscope School of Massage
Specialty: Therapeutic Massage, La Stone, Prenatal, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

I enjoy helping my clients experience better health and relaxation through massage.

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