Lymphatic Massage: Deep Cleansing for Optimal Health

Just as we periodically deep clean our homes, our bodies need a periodic deep cleaning too. We naturally have several internal cleaning tools, including the kidneys, liver, and circulatory. There is also a less considered internal cleaning tool: the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels, much like blood vessels, containing lymph, a fluid that travels through the body picking up toxins, cellular waste, dead cells, viruses, bacteria, pollen, dyes, and excess proteins. On its journey through the body, the lymph travels through lymph nodes. In the lymph nodes, most of this body debris is consumed and extinguished. Anything not consumed by the nodes continues on with the lymph to sites where the lymph is dumped into the blood stream and then filtered out and excreted by the kidneys.

Imagine how dirty the inside of our body remains if this system isn’t working properly. The lymphatic system is stimulated daily each time we breathe or an organ or muscle moves, but in our polluted world, the lymphatic system needs more to function optimally. Lymphatic Drainage Massage does this.

This massage was developed in France in the early 1930s by Dr. Emil Voder, a pioneer in working with the previously neglected lymphatic system to combat disease. Even though this type of massage provides a deep clean, the technique is very gentle. The strokes are almost feather like. It is very soothing and deeply relaxing. Besides giving your body a deep cleaning and detoxification of tissue, lymphatic drainage massage can also be used to:

  1. Reduce swelling, whether it is simple edema or swelling caused by surgery
  2. Stimulate the immune system to fight disease, and in some cases provide relief of some chronic conditions such as sinusitis, acne, eczema, allergies, and depression.
  3. Reduction of pain of myalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle spasms, cramps, constipation, and headaches
  4. Promote the reduction of wrinkles, under eye shadows, and cellulite
  5. Promote deep relaxation to relieve stress, insomnia, and loss of vitality

A seasonal Lymphatic Drainage Massage is recommended as a preventative measure to help keep the lymphatic system in peak condition. To accomplish other results, additional massage may be needed.

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Chris Levison

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Studied: Kaleidoscope School of Massage
Specialty: Therapeutic Massage, La Stone, Prenatal and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

I enjoy helping my clients experience better health and relaxation through massage.

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