Skin Fitness Therapy is our skin care line created with all natural and organic ingredients intended to target both the epidermis and skin receptors at the cellular level stimulating its natural ability to crave nutrients. The advanced selection of vitamins, fruit pulps, enzymes, and acid corrective skin solution components in Skin Fitness products reshape the skin. They support our performance serums, healing and repairing serums built of intense hydration along with potent and highly active peels that not only encourage skin renewal but re-energize and re-capture the youthful, radiant complexion. We utilize an assortment of systems and specialty elements that relate synergistically to remedy the most common and visible skin disorders in adult and teen skin. The experts at Skin Fitness Therapy believe that everyone deserves the correct treatment regimen for their particular skin condition.

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Cranberry Acne/Oil Bar

Dry/Sensitive Cleanser

Lemon Chiffon Cleanser

Normal/Combination Cleanser

Skin Fitness Anti-Blemish Cranberry Liquid Cleanser

An all-natural, combination of sulfur and salicylic acid for intensive cleansing & anti-bacterial action. This cleanser utilizes natural sugars & cranberry to dissolve impurities and promote clear skin. This cleanser reduces the appearance of acne and very oily skin.

Skin Fitness Dry / Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Deep pore cleansing therapy for dry or sensitive skin

Skin Fitness Lemon Chiffon Cleanser

This delicately scented cleanser effectively cleanses skin of all makeup & impurities without altering the skin’s ph. It has lemon extracts & hydrating shea butter that moisturizes the skin.

Skin Fitness Normal / Combination Cleanserskin fitness normal combination cleanser

Deep pore cleansing therapy for normal or combination skin.


Anti-Radical Toner

Collagen Fitness Spritz

Red Wine Spritzer

Skin Fitness Anti Radical TonerAnti Radical Toner

A combination of potent antioxidants, soothing herbs, and moisture-binding lipids and ceramides to nourish and refine the skin.

Skin Types: All


Skin Fitness Collagen Fitness SpritzSkin Fitness Collagen Spritz Toner

Pure botanical collagen instantly refreshes the skin, hydrates and rejuvenates. It contains heavy water which helps the skin resist water evaporation and maintains moisture longer.

Skin Types: Normal, Dry, Dehydrated, Mature


Skin Fitness Red Wine Spritzer

Spritz away tired, fatigued skin with this aromatic spritzer. Cucumber, chamomile, & aloe, soothe, calm & hydrate, while tonic effects of lavender tonify leaving you quenched skin.

Skin Types: All


Botanical Collagen Serum

EGF Protein Complex

Firming Red Wine Serum

Hyaluronic Serum w/DMAE & Copper Peptides

Miracle Regenerator

Multi-Vitamin Serum w/Stem Cells and Dynalift

Pigment Lightener Gel

Botanical Collagen Serum

Pure Oxygen Serum

Retinolic Serum

Sunlift SPF 30

Vitamin C 20%

Wrinkle Relaxer Serum


Skin Fitness Botanical Collagen Serum

A treatment for dry, tired skin prone to wrinkles. This serum contains pure botanical collagen, RNA & DNA to help renew the skin. It defies time-restoring elasticity & increases moisture retention.

Skin Types: Dry

Skin Fitness EGF Protein ComplexEGF Protein Complex

An ‘Antibiotic for the skin’ – This potent amino acid complex stimulates the formation of new healthy cells. It repairs & hydrates the skin, keeping it soft & supple for a more youthful appearance

Skin Fitness Firming Red Wine Serum

This invigorating gel is fortified with firming benefits of red wine & L-arginine along with a synergistic blend of anti-aging herbs known for their rejuvenating effects on the skin.

Skin Types: All – Especially Dehydrated

Skin Fitness Hyaluronic Serum w/ DMAE & Copper Peptides

This is absorbed in the skin for intense hydrating & plumping effects. Hylauronic acid is concentrated w/ agerline, copper peptides & DMAE to strengthen elasticity, reducing appearance of wrinkles.

Skin Types: Aging, Mature, Sun and Environmental Damaged, Weak, Thin, Dehydrated, Dry

Skin Fitness Miracle Regenerator

High in Vitamin C and essential fatty acids, this unique oil regenerates, repairs & hydrates the skin. Recommended as spot therapy for acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, fine lines & wrinkles.

Skin Types: Mature, Dry, Acne Scars, Surgical Scars, and Stretch Marks

Skin Fitness Multi-Vitamin Serum w/ Stem Cells and Dynalift

Instantly works out the skin! A blend of the most potent antioxidants available to strengthen and condition the skin from free radical damage. The biopeptides provide instant firming action!

Skin Types: All – Particularly Rosecea and Acne

Skin Fitness Pigment Lightener Gel

Formulated with advanced chiral technology, designed to address skin discoloration & unevenness. This treatment is formulated with botanical actives & lightening action to target hyperpigmentation.

CAUTION: Do not use in conjunction with other AHA, Retin A or strong exfoliating products. Not recommended after body waxing or shaving and for use during the day without a sun block. If skin becomes red/sensitive, discontinue use. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Skin Fitness Pure Oxygen Serum

Pure Oxygen is infused into squalane delivering a vital supply of non-chemically derived oxygen to your skin, energizing, purifying and radiating a more youthful appearance.

Skin Types: All


Skin Fitness Retinolic Serum

Stimulates cell turnover. A highly concentrated vitamin A (with glycolic) solution formulated to resurface the texture of the skin, unplug blemishes, refine the pores & balance oil production.

Skin Types: Normal, Oily

Skin Fitness Sunfit SPF 30

Provides full UVA/UVB protection utilizing the best, natural ingredients that not only block the harmful rays but are therapeutic for the skin. It will improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Skin Types: All

Skin Fitness Vitamin A & E

High-impact conditioning treatment that retexturizes the skin for a much smoother, firmer, healthier appearance. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced.

Skin Types: Normal, Dry

Skin Fitness Vital C Serum 20%

Stimulates formation of collagen, repairs sun damage & strengthens capillaries. High impact resulting in a tightened, toned & energized skin. Utilizes high concentrations of vitamin C & nutrients.

Skin Fitness Wrinkle Relaxer Serum

The most concentrated combination of peptides formulated to relax facial wrinkles, reduce the degree of existing wrinkles and minimize future development naturally.


Anti Wrinkle Cream

Cell Tex

Cherry Wine Face Smoothie

Ultra Moisturizing Cream with EGF

Lemon Hydration Gel

Red Wine Blueberry/Pumpkin


Skin Fitness Anti-Wrinkle Cream

A high potency retinal scientifically formulated with glycolic acid polymer in a rich firming base of albumin, red wine & a special patented marine complex. Moisturizes while it firms & smooths lines.

Skin Fitness Cell Tex

A super rich moisturizing cream with Vitamin C and essential fatty acids. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, broken capillaries and pigmentation as it strengthens the elasticity.

Skin Fitness Cherry Wine Face Smoothie

A cocktail of ingredients that refines the texture of the skin. The synergistic blend of fruit enzymes & natural acids lift away dead skin cells revealing a firmer, more toned, and healthier new skin.

Skin Fitness Ultra Moisturizing Cream Plus EGF

Rich in Vitamins, Antioxidants and EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), nourishes the skin and protects cells against premature aging.

Skin Fitness Lemon Hydration Gel

Formulated especially for blemished / oily skin, this unique oil free formula reduces excess oils and promotes tissue healing as it nourishes the skin.

Skin Fitness Red Wine Blueberry/Pumpkin Age Defying Cream

Nourish and protect your skin with this rejuvenating cream loaded with age defying effects of red wine and blueberry extracts, pumpkin oil, and L-arginine. Achieve softness for ageless, radiant skin.


Beta Serum Eye/Lip Makeup Remover

Bright Eyes

Contouring Soothing Eye Gel

Crystal Dew Drops

Tone-N-Tighten Eye Cream


Skin Fitness Beta Serum Eye / Lip Make-up Remover

Gently removes eye and lip makeup while softening and conditioning. Pure carrot oil, rich in Vitamin A, heals dry, cracked lips and softens lines around the eyes.

Skin Therapy Bright Eyes

Eye Firming Concealer. a 4 in 1 treatment that hydrates (Shea Butter), firmness (Protein Biopeptides & Whey), conceals and lightens dark circles naturally with pearlized minerals and Larbutin.

Skin Fitness Contouring and Smoothing Eye Gel

Vanish puffy eyes & dark circles with stimulating effects of caffeine. The moisturizing properties of jojoba & shea butter along with soothing & healing effects of aloe & chamomile restore tired eyes.

Skin Fitness Crystal Dew Drops

This advances technology of liquid crystal extraction from corn skil delivers energy within the cells to deeply hydrate, nourish, firm and protect the delicate tissue of the eye and lip area.

Skin Fitness Tone-n-Tighten Eye Cream w/Instalift

This rich shea butter based treatment helps promote tissue respiration & repair as well as moisturize & protect. The albumin and hylauronic acid maintain moisture and promote firmness around the eyes.


Detox Masque

Grape Seed Scrub

Hydrant Masque

Purifying Scrub


Skin Fitness Detox Masque

An all-natural purifying treatment that contains cranberry and rosemary known for its antibacterial properties. The results reveal radiant, fresh and healthy looking skin.

Skin Fitness Grape Seed Scrub


This intense exfoliant is a synergistic blend of finely crushed grape seeds, jojoba beads, zeolite minerals, glycolic acid polymer & fruit enzymes. Brings radiant results!

Skin Fitness Hydrant Masque

An excellent rejuvenation and hydration treatment. The unique properties obtained from grape seed and red wine extracts are powerful antioxidants that improve skin elasticity and smoothness.

Skin Fitness Cranberry Purifying Scrub

Includes Cranberry Oil and Extracts which are a natural source of benzyl peroxide known for its anti-bacterial sources. Also includes Zeolites, organic minerals derived from the volcanoes that trap and remove pollutants; and Jojoba Beads that remove dead surface cells, unclogging the pores.

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