Make Reducing Stress Your New Year’s Resolution

Written By: Massage Therapist Brandy Keffer

“I’m just stressed” has become a trite saying. Stress is a slight excuse for our missteps in everyday life and an offhand comment to explain our confusion and lack of patience. It clouds our judgment, colors our family interactions, and steals joy from our lives. But we still refer to it as a slight annoyance that we have no control over.

Stress is linked with almost every known ailment and disease. The idea of decreasing stress is continually prescribed by doctors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, chiropractors, and the holistic wellness community. There is every reason to be proactive about our lifestyles, and we all have tools in our lives to assist in our own stress reduction.

I am a massage therapist, so I am biased to the benefits of massage. Massage has been proven to decrease anxiety, increase circulation, reduce fatigue, improve sleep quality, increase immune system response, reduce muscle restrictions, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. What is not as easy to measure are the benefits of touch, nurture, and the power of being calm and still for an hour. The idea that the world will still be turning, family still antagonizing, cars still honking without you for a brief hour — and you cannot be responsible or reached for comment — can be very soothing.

I am aware of other tools here at Vitality. Nutritional support helps your body more effectively process the world around you. With the right food chemistry, your body can communicate it’s needs, weaknesses, and strengths. Then, you can make food choices that empower you and enhance your health. Skin care provides support to our largest organ. Facials can provide a chance to feel younger, look more beautiful and reflect your health. Nail care seems to be an overlooked tool, but simply maintaining your foot health increases your ability to stand and walk. There are other tools at your disposal. The quiet moments of mediation, walking, exercise, taking a bath, napping, breathing and laughter are all free. They have all been proven to decrease stress. It is your life and you deserve the most health and joy you can find in each moment.

About the author:

Brandy Keffer

License: Massage Therapist
Studied: Professional Massage Therapy Clinic (PMTC) in Springfield, MO
Specialty: Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Prenatal Massage

I enjoy helping my clients by listening to their stories and their addressing their concerns through massage. Also, I use massage to increase a person’s body potential for health and their life potential for joy. I concentrate on listening equally to a client’s body and words.

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