Nail Treatment Benefits

Nail Treatments We Offer 

Why Get a Manicure?

Handshakes and general  touch are a normal part of our daily lives so having soft, healthy hands are important.  Manicures are a perfect way to nurture your hands and nails for both men and women.  Depending on our daily activities, some hands take a greater toll than others.  Exposure to chemicals, elements, and just daily use can cause our hands to become dry or rough and our nails to become brittle or break.  A manicure helps promote healthy nail growth by starting with proper nourishment for the cuticles and a trim or file to keep them neat and at a desired length.  For women, adding a bit of polish is a way to show expression or accessorize your hands.

Why Get a Pedicure?

Perhaps more so than your hands, your feet also take a toll on supporting your body on a daily basis.  Over time, pressures on the feet can cause calluses or rough spots which can cause discomfort.  In addition, proper grooming of the nail can reduce the risk of ingrown nails and help provide early fungus detection or other health-related issues you may need to address with your physician.  If those aren’t reason enough, pedicures are simply a great way to get a quick overall body refresher.  You’ll receive our services from a comfortable massage chair that releases overall body tensions while your technician soaks your feet, trims your nails, and massages your feet and legs.  It’s a perfect pick-me-up for both men and women!

Saving the Planet, Saves you Money!

If you’ll bring your own sandals to wear to your pedicure, we’ll take $2 off your visit!

Hand and Nail Treatments We Offer

Express Manicure

Vitality Manicure

Spa Manicure

GelColor Manicure

Acrylic Nail Removal & Nail Repair

Express Pedicure

Vitality Pedicure

Spa Pedicure

Nail Treatment Upgrades

Express ManicureSubject to copyrights

In a  hurry for a touch up?  This is the perfect solution!  Our Express Manicure focuses on a quick clean up of the nail cuticles, a quick file and polish change.

Express Manicure – $21

Vitality ManicureSubject to copyrights

Relax with a warm soothing citrus soak, followed by nail shaping and cuticle care.  The hands and arms are massaged with a rich blend of aloe vera and shea butter.  Your nails are then polished to perfection with your choice of color.

Vitality Manicure – $28

Spa ManicureSubject to copyrights

Luxury begins with a warm soothing citrus soak.  The hands and arms are then exfoliated and massaged.  The hands are then dipped into scented paraffin wax or hydrating mask to lock in moisture and rejuvenate dry hands.  The cuticles are then cared for and nails are shaped.  The finishing touch is your choice of polish.

Spa Manicure – $38

GelColor ManicureSubject to copyrights

This is OPI’s No Chip Manicure!  This manicure is shown to last up to 2 weeks without wear and chipping.  This gel is applied to the nails like a polish but is thicker and more durable than typical wear polish.  This treatment includes a cleansing of the nail bed and cuticles, hand and arm massage, nail shaping/trim, and polish change and gel hardening under LED light.

GelColor Manicure – $38

Acrylic Nail Removal & Nail RepairSubject to copyrights

Acrylic nail tip application damages the  natural surface of your nail and prolonged use may encourage an infection between the acrylic and the nail surface.  If not removed correctly, the nail surface can become thin and sometimes painful.   This procedure safely removes the acrylic from your nails and includes a strengthening treatment to begin the healing process.  Home care treatment will be discussed and recommended to return your nails to optimum health and beauty.

Acrylic Nail Removal – $50

Express PedicureSubject to copyrights

A perfect quick treat for yourself!  Includes a relaxing whirlpool foot soak in a blend of sea salts and shea butter while the rest of your body enjoys a massage in our spa lounge chair.  Next we clean off the nail bed, trim/shape the nails and add polish of your choice!

Express Pedicure – $33

Vitality Pedicure

This treatment starts with a relaxing chair massage and whirlpool foot soak in a blend of sea salts and shea butter.  We then exfoliate your feet and clean up your cuticles.  Then enjoy a relaxing foot and leg massage followed by nail shaping/trim, and your choice of polish.

Vitality Pedicure – $47

Spa PedicureSubject to copyrights

This treatment also starts with a relaxing chair massage and whirlpool foot soak in a blend of sea salts and shea butter.  We then exfoliate your feet and clean-up your cuticles.  Next you’ll receive a relaxing foot and leg massage followed by a hydrating mask or paraffin dip.  We’ll finish up your treatment with a nail shaping/trim, and polish change.

Spa Pedicure – $55

Nail Treatment Upgrades

Add French Tip Polish: +$10
Add Paraffin Dip: +$10
OPI Infinite Shine No-Chip Polish: +$5
Nail Art: +$10

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